This pinterest board that I have created is dedicated to T-shirts with a message – one of my favorite items of clothing. I enjoy wearing individual, unique and quirky things, and a T-shirt is the perfect way for me to get that across. A T-shirt is not only an item of clothing, but also a statement: about what you stand for, are interested in or find amusing. In a sense, a T-shirt can reveal a lot (or very little) about you. They do not always have to have a deeper meaning, sometimes they can just be funny, for you or for the person reading it. Depending on my mood or outfit, I’ll wear any of the T-shirts with a message that I have. Somedays I’ll wear T-shirts with no message or drawing, it all depends how I am feeling that day. My collection will definitely grow in the future.

One Comment

  1. I love t-shirts! I especially love using t-shirts as a conversation starter to find people with similar interests. Nothing like chatting with someone after they notice your tee and give you a smile.

    Do you have a favorite place to get shirts or do you just find them randomly?


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