Here are my 5 most important values:

Integrity: I love the quote “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. In our ever-changing and evolving society, it can be so easy to get swept away with the tide and lose your sense of self. That is why I firmly believe in holding on to your core beliefs and standing up for them, even when no one else is.

Open-mindedness: having spent almost half of my life in an international school, this experience has taught me the valuable lesson to be open-minded towards people from all sorts of different countries, cultures and ethnicities. This can open many doors for you, leading to new friendships, adventures and conversations.

Honesty: although I am not as extreme as the people from “Radical Honesty” (, I do believe that being honest and truthful with people benefits our social interactions/relationships. Whenever my friends or family members ask me for advice, they can expect to hear an honest answer from me.

Beauty/Acceptance: I believe in finding beauty in the world around us, even in the most mundane things. This can also mean accepting things or others as the (beautiful) way they are, which is why I grouped these two values together. This sense of wonderment and awe can disappear as we grow older, which is why it is so important for me to hold on to it.

Community: no matter where or at what stage we are in life, we need the support of others to accomplish our goals. I am very glad to have the support of my family, friends and fellow fellows (see what I did there? haha), especially during this gap year where I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.


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