I spent my weekend in Corinth, a lovely little city located on the isthmus that connects Attica to Peleponnese. The city itself is not particularly exciting, as it was rebuilt after it was struck by an earthquake. It is organized in a grid-like fashion (I can finally use blocks as a metric again!) and is right by the sea. The canal of Corinth is a pretty popular picture place (we stopped for 2 minutes to look at it) and bungee jumping is available there as well (thanks, but no thanks).

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Cape Sounion

On my last full day in Athens, I decided to visit Cape Sounion as a quick afternoon getaway. Cape Sounion is at the south-eastern tip of the Attican peninsula, and is a very popular half day trip from Athens. It is not only famous for the sanctuaries built there, but also for its romanic sunset! 😉

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My second day exploring Athens was a busy one as well, but there was one thing that made my day: encountering George.

The first thing I did after I got breakfast was to visit the Olympieion – I had definitely learned my lesson from yesterday. As I was walking there, I noticed a man who was wearing an ankle length leather jacket (like Neo from the Matrix!), kneeling in the grass to cut some leather. I registered him but kept walking because I’m not usually one to approach strangers.
After I walked back the same path a little while later, he was still kneeling there. My curiosity took over and I approached him with the question: “What are you working on?”

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I am going to start blogging again! I bridged the gap between blogging in SF (for a few weeks) and starting again with ohlife entries, so I still have some sort of record. Blogging really isn’t easy – I learned that the hard way..
Anyhow, as most of you know, I am currently in Greece on a mythology scavenger hunt! Most people either ask me what exactly that means or if you’re my stern German grandma, you will ask me why I’m going to Greece “for fun”. To answer the first question, this is a scavenger hunt that entails trying to visit many of the locations of Greek myths, and trying to gain a newfound understanding of them. I am doing this for completely selfish reasons, and am very happy with my decision 🙂
And of course I’m not going just for fun – the primary goal of my trip is to learn as much as possible about Greek mythology and history. It’s a so called “Bildungsreise” (Learning/educational Trip? One of those beautiful German words that you can’t satisfactorily translate haha *cough*wanderlust*cough*) ! I will attempt to keep track of my explorations and discoveries with this blog so that you can all watch me grow and mature blah blah blah enough cheesiness. Seriously though, I hope you guys will accompany me on my little Greek mythology nerd journey 🙂

❤ you all!