The Taxi Driver

After being on top of the Acropolis, I decided to make my way towards Hadrian’s Arch and the Olympieion.

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Exploring Athens

One of the great things about Athens is that all of the famous historical sites are located in close proximity to one another, making it really easy for travelers like me to create an itinerary. The fact that the metro is cheaper than in Germany (single ticket €1,40 , day ticket €4) and runs very frequently is also quite helpful.

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Observations (Athens)

I started my journey on Tuesday when I landed in Athens! It was raining and I didn’t validate my metro ticket, but I landed safely in Syntagma square, which I guess you could call the city center. Long ago, Syntagma square was a cemetery for the city of Athens. It’s not creepy at all that the city center used to be a cemetery.

I was in Athens for about 4 days, and observed quite a few things while I was there: some of which apply only to Athens, while others apply to the entire country.

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